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Take a video tour of
Pengenna Manor

Take a video tour of Pengenna Manor

Thank you for requesting to see our virtual video tour of the Manor. We’re sorry that you can’t visit in person right now, but we look forward to chatting with you afterwards to go through your questions and queries.

We have split the whole tour up in to different sections so you can dip in and out and see the different areas you want to. There are 7 main videos plus an additional special video, and they do make the most sense when watched in order! Sit back, get comfy, grab a cuppa (or a gin!) and enjoy. 

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Part One

We start our video tour with a quick hello and introduction from the venue owner at Pengenna Manor Richard Blewett.

Video Length: 30 seconds

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Part Two

The tour begins outside the Manor with some orientation before Richard shows you the gardens and wider grounds.

Video Length: 9 minutes

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Part Three

Richard shows you the route down through the woodland to the camping meadows in the valley below the Manor.

Video Length: 8 minutes

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Part Four

From back up in the gardens the tour continues on to the Cowyard Barn, which is our main indoor reception space.

Video Length: 20 minutes

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Part Five

Richard shows you our brand new indoor wedding ceremony and drinks reception space, the Stables.

Video Length: 6 minutes

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Part Six

Down to the Manor house showing you the ceremony area outside, and the gorgeous accommodation

Video Length: 16 minutes

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Part Seven

Richard wraps up the tour with a quick conclusion and thank you.

Video Length: 30 seconds

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Extra Video

We show you how the venue looks at night for your reception.

Video Length: 10 minutes